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Hi! I am a martyr gem (my lower case is intentional); It is a pleasure that you have found my page. I hope I find something that is supportive. My message and this simultaneously Bilingual – yes My notes and approach are Bilingual for the needs of the Spanish, English and Spanglish needs of the community.

Martyr Gem, LMFT:

I’m an immigrant Psychotherapist providing services in the border region of Tijuana-San Diego.

I have been working in TIjuana/SD community as an advocate, case manager, staff counselor and therapist since 2005. Since 2010, I have been working conducting  psychotherapy on a daily basis with diverse age groups, cultural backgrounds and in both Spanish and English in diverse contexts such as community clinics, in home services, hospital setting and private practice.

I have worked with survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault, torture and refugees. I particularly appreciate my work around these issues as I find it energizing being able  to empower people navigating these experiences. I have also found an specific interest in my work with individual and families struggling with the effects of abuse, and other circumstances that comes with immigration, political refugees conditions and effects of these such as isolation, depression, abuse and relationships with people and/or substances that you might find unhelpful for you.

Through these work in the past years, its how I have found my preferred identity as what I would like to Auto-Named myself: a social justice psychotherapist/consultant. My search for new roles that I could play as a professional counselor was driven by a motivation to find ways to more effectively foster the development of larger numbers of persons whose mental health is adversely impacted by various forms of injustice and oppression.

As a mexican psychotherapist, as a n intersectional feminist, and as an immigrant, I am highly interested on the experiences and struggles of immigrant community, refugees, people of color, women and people that experienced various traumatic experiences. I believe that there are specific struggles and therefore, mental health challenges that our community is affected by. Being in a border region, our community is affected in unique ways, that range from racism, acculturation, grief, community and domestic violence and other forms of abuse. I have a responsability to give space to these struggles and any other effects  that arise from these types of violence with my role of consultant of your life through therapeutic dialogues. Through these dialoges, I do hope that you can find alternative ways to see your life and/or your relationship with problems, twoards empowering and seeing yourself with new lights.

I take this responsability very serious.

I also enjoy volunteering work whenever possible. The Tijuana/SD border has been suffering an specific struggle due to immigration and deportation.

As an active member of the community as therapist or other forms is very important to me, as it reminds me the reasons why I began this work in the first place: to bring light to the unique needs of immigrants, indigenous community regarding culture, mental health and justice.

I have a passion towards Mountains, I am an avid hiker. I have found the connection with nature as very significant to me in order to be challenge myself, find my balance with solitude and reflection and to be as present as I can be for my clients and for my own health. With this in mind, I offer you a wholesome  approach to wellbeing that puts as priority  your own ways of self care and healing practices, and I am looking forward to learn about those from you.

I hope being in connection with you soon,

If You are in Trouble Need My Help, Contact Me!

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