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Bienvenidos a Narrativas sin Fronteras 

Ha llegado a una pagina con servicios completamente bilingues. Hay secciones donde intencionalmente escribo en espanol solamente y otras como esta, donde los lenguages se conectan, pues es un reflejo de algunas realidades en mi querida frontera. I believe that my work is one that comes with a high level of responsability. My priority is to honor the people that comes to consult with me in moments of need, reflection or crisis. I see my work intertwined with my identity as a social Justice advocate. With these lenses and with the the kind of work I offer, my priority is to enhance your voice and needs through our therapeutic dialogues. I believe that asking certain questions with intentionality can offer you a range of possibilities for you to find your own answers and new preferred ways of relating to others and yourself.

My approach is warm, collaborative, and creative. l’ll look at the early roots of your life challenges, as well as your present moment experience and the wisdom of your body, your expertise to find our way toward your healing and transformation.

I hope that after visiting my website you may have a better idea if I might be a good fit for you. Please feel free to call me with any questions about the services I provide.

gema martir, LMFT #98858





           Other Clinical contributions/supervision 

In collaboration with the Center for Health and Well-being CHWB. I am part of this Narrative community (NISD) since several years ago. I am situated in these contexts that support my development and skills as Narrative  practitioner and as narrative supervisor.

I also provide clinical supervision services for Trainees and Interns in their journey of gaining hours or any trainee, intern or licensed person interested in supervision consultation from a Narrative Therapy lenses supervisor.  Please contact me for details about my supervision services.

I am an AAMFT Approved Clinical Supervisor Designated since February, 2019.