gema martir

I am a family therapist and I work with individuals, children ages 3 to 18, and couples in conflict or transitions. The emphasis of my services are from the social justice approach. I firmly believe that my work as a therapist comes with a great burden of responsibility not only on an individual level, but also on a social and community level. Through my collaborative and social justice approach in therapy, my priority is to give space to your voice, your life experience, and your strengths. I believe that by asking certain questions in a therapy context, you (s) can reach a point of self-reflection and search that will lead you to the answers and way of relating to others that you may need at this time in your life. 

My style is direct and compassionate, since I consider that the challenge is part of the change; and I am proud to consider myself with great empathy towards the pain and difficulties of life of others. I believe that my qualities and the relationship that we can form in a therapeutic context, can offer you the combination you need for your process of reflection and search in therapy. I have an interest and extensive experience in prioritizing conversations around sexuality and their lifestyle preferences or goals in this regard. I believe that sexual health in any of its manifestations can lead us to have more emotional confidence with oneself and with their partner (s).


If something you have read or find on this page seems to be helpful to you, or your family, do not hesitate to contact me directly, or if you prefer that I communicate, please send an email through this means. I hope to have the opportunity to be in dialogue and connection with you.

To be honest,
Gema Martir, LMFT

Gema Mártir, LMFT - AAMFT Approved Supervisor

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