Couples Therapy

couples therapy

In couples therapy, you can expect full support in recovering intimacy, and overcome a transition that you and your partner have experienced. I will ask questions for you as a couple and will challenge you for you to come up with the best version of yourself as a couple.

Unlike some of the more traditional couples therapies that lead with a requirement of spending a lot of time in the past, i look into the past, but primarily as it informs current behaviors that aren’t working effectively for the couple. Once these dynamics are identified, our work becomes very goal-oriented intertwined with preferred ideas of how to be in any type of relationship.  

Supporting couples and each individual in identifying shared values and specific ideas arising from you, that can actively engage their hopes for the future, in any direction this future may be, based on your preferences, moment of your lives or desicions to live uncoupled or in any type of morality. I firmly believe that everybody can make their own rules, and I am here to navigate that with you if you find it helpful. 


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